Spending a Day in Dublin: What You Shouldn’t Miss?

Whenever we are traveling to far and wide cities for work, one thing that irritates us the most is less time. Even if it is a business trip or family holiday, how often do we get to travel to cities like Dublin in Ireland? So, here’s a secret even if you are running out on time and have hardly a day to spend in this beautiful city of Ireland. At the end of the day, if you realize that it is worth sightseeing in Dublin for another day, you can find a lot of good Dublin hotels, where you can book your stay overnight. We will tell you the best spots you should visit so that your day out in Dublin is made.

Learn the History of Dublin by Visiting Irish Houses of Parliament and Bank of Ireland

Although the building now hosts the Bank of Ireland, back in the 18th century the building had the nobles coming to the iconic Parliament, which always signified wealth and privilege till the time it was banned since England wanted to have their representatives in London. One visit to this place will definitely enrich your history and knowledge.

Upgrade Your Knowledge about the Art of Beer Making at the Guinness Storehouse

Both drinkers and non-drinkers can definitely learn the art of making beer. This will help you understand the origin of beer, which primarily includes 4 ingredients that sum up to a delicious Irish beer.

Listen to Magical Stories While Having Dinner at Brazen Head

Who doesn’t love listening to stories after dinner? But, have you ever imagined what it would be like to have dinner while listening to stories? Visit Brazen Head and your questions will be answered by the animated storytelling sessions by the storyteller. By the time you finish your dinner, you will be familiar with the folk stories of Ireland and connect more easily with the Irish people. The area also has live music in place and a bar area so that you can enjoy however you wish to.

After Sunset, Hit the Temple Bar in Dublin

When the sun goes down and you are yet to explore the city, go to the Temple Bar area of the city, which offers amazing nightlife for the tourists and citizens alike. The area was actually home to the grain warehouses and was one of the prosperous locations in the city, but shortly the prosperity went downhill after the Parliament permanently relocated to England.

If you are running short of time, these are the must-visit places where you must head out to get the most out of it in a short span of time.

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